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  1. Honesty — We take pride in offering quality products & service at reasonable prices. All of our employees are honest individuals who make customer satisfaction their priority — from sales to installation.
  2. Integrity — Our longevity speaks volumes. Founded 1983, Bay Area Roofers has a solid history of 100% customer satisfaction. If it’s not right — we’ll make it right.
  3. Professionalism — Our sales staff is professionally trained and knowledgeable about of our wide range of products and applications. We answer all of your questions up front so you know what to expect — from the initial quote through project completion.
  4. Guaranteed Work — The biggest benefit of hiring a roofing contractor in Houston is the experience and expertise they bring with them. The best roofers have been in the business for years and they’ve seen and dealt with everything imaginable. We offer extensive labor warranties followed up by manufacturers’ warranties. As a roofing contractor in Houston, our goal is to give customers peace of mind that their roof will serve them for a long time through extended workmanship (labor) and materials warranties (through the manufacturer).

The Benefits of Using Roofing Contractors in Houston

  1. Save time & money — Roofing is such a complex task because there are so many variables involved (type of roof, age of roof, flashing installation). That’s why you should hire an experienced roofing contractor in Houston to handle your project.
  2. Protect Yourself Against injury — Let’s face it: roofing is dangerous work. There’s a reason roofers have to go through extensive training before they’re qualified to work. Safety skills take a long time to master. Let an expert do the dirty work for you.
  3. Peace of Mind — By hiring a roofing contractor in Houston, the work will be guaranteed. This means they won’t leave until you are satisfied with the job.

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