Please Click HERE if you have Storm Damage from Hurricane Beryl for IMPORTANT Information!


(281) 482-1200


Due to Hurricane Beryl, we have an influx of calls/emails/form submittals. We are working through them as fast as we can to get everyone taken care of. We finally got our phone service back online. That being said, we are getting so many calls that you may go to voicemail. Please leave us a message because we cannot answer every call. We do have someone that specifically answers all our voicemails, and you will get a call back. So leave us a message. If you get a message saying "mailbox is full," please wait until the message finishes and follow the prompt to text your number. We will get that as well and call you back.

It would be a great help to us if you would either fill out a form on our website, leave us a message on our phone or if the mailbox is full wait until you get the prompt to send a text. We will respond to all of those options. Please do not hang up and keep calling. You will get the same message if you call multiple times. Also if you could choose to contact us in one of the ways above, but please do not call and fill out a form and emails us. It will cause even more of a delay if we have to respond to the same person multiple times.

We greatly, greatly appreciate your patience! We promise to get to you as soon as we can.

Thank you,

Bay Area Roofers