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Roof Replacement in Houston

Recognizing the Warning Signs

If you’re a homeowner, needing a roof replacement in Houston is inevitable. Sure, there are times when a simple repair will be enough to keep your roof maintained for a few years, but sometimes, it’s more cost efficient to stop putting money into repairing an old roof and invest in a new one.
So, how can you tell if your home is in need of a roof replacement? Here are some warning signs you can look for:

  1. Roof’s Age — Most roofs have a lifespan between 12 and 20 years. With proper maintenance and some occasional roof repairs, you can get the maximum number of years out of your roof. However, there does come a time when you’re better off replacing your roof than repairing it. So, if you’ve had your roof for 15 or 20 years (or more), consider investing in a roof replacement in Houston.
  2. Water Spots on Ceiling — Take a good look at your ceiling. Do you see any discoloration in your sheetrock, or water stains? If the answer is “yes,” you need to take action right away. See, by the time water gets down to your ceiling, it’s already passed through your roof, insulation, wood, plaster, and other things. In other words, the problem has been around for a while, and it’s very serious. Not only can the water from a leaky roof damage your belongings, but it can also lead to harmful mold growth.
  3. More Than a Few Missing Shingles — A missing shingle here or there can be repaired easily enough. But if your roof is missing several shingles, it might be time to get a roof replacement in Houston. Missing shingles can lead to leaking and other serious problems. Shingles often get blown away in heavy Houston thunderstorms and hurricanes. Remember, the shingles are your home’s first line of defense. Address missing shingles immediately.
  4. Multiple Roofing Repairs in the Past — There are only so many times you can fix a roof before it’s best to just replace the entire thing. If problems keep popping up with your roof, it’s probably a sign that the roof is improperly installed or just made from poor materials. Never spend more to repair your roof than it’s actually worth.

Dependable Roof Replacement in Houston

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