Warning Signs Your Roof Is Past Its Prime

Don’t forget about your home’s roof when doing preventative maintenance on your home. This will allow it to reach its usual lifespan without any major damage or roof failure.  Keep in mind and check out these potential warning signs that your roof is in need of repair or replacement:

  • Your roof has hit the 20-year mark. Construction, climate and other factors contribute to the wear and tear of your roof’s construction.  Twenty years is a good time indication.
  • Keep an eye on the shingles. Are they cracked, balding where granules are missing, curled or cupped on the edges or shingle tabs?
  • Is the roof discolored, old and worn-out looking?
  • Are your neighbors getting new roofs? When homes are built around the same time, the same materials are used, and they have been in the same climate and weather conditions as the others.  When you are seeing roof replacements on your block, check yours out closely.
  • Do you see dark streaks? These streaks are typically caused by an airborne-algae, and although the problem may only be cosmetic and not harmful to the structure of the shingle, you may still want the discoloration removed.  A simple solution of 50:50 water/bleach can be sprayed on the areas.  Be protective of the shingle granules by using a low volume garden hose and protect the landscape below with a proper cover.
  • If there is a lot of moisture and residue, moss growth can cause damage to the shingle granules and add to the early wear and tear of the roof in those areas. The moss can be scrubbed off, but this will not prevent it from returning.  Take proper precaution when scrubbing the shingles as to not damage them further.

If you are not sure your roof needs repair or replacement, call the professionals at Bay Area Roofers today. We will give you a free inspection and estimate, if one is needed.