Not sure if you need a new roof? This might help!

Houston weather is one-of-a-kind. Your home’s roof can be put through the ringer being exposed to years of the hot Texas sun, rain, wind, and other brutal weather conditions. Being a homeowner, it can be difficult to judge when your roof is at the end of its protective life or if it’s in need of a few minor repairs. Here are signs to watch for:

  • Worn, cracked or missing shingles or tiles
  • Rust on metal roof
  • Stains on exterior walls
  • Mold or moss growth on roof surface
  • Missing or loose flashing around chimneys and vents
  • Loose or broken gutters
  • Rafter stains in attic

A damaged roof can lead to more permanent problems to the overall structure of your home. Be sure to consult with a professional before you make any important judgments about the condition of your roof. It is beneficial, to you as the homeowner, to have your roof inspected every 5 years. Our professionals will conduct a thorough inspection of your home’s roof and provide a detailed report on its current condition. Afterwards, we will work with you to help you decide if a new roof is necessary or if a few minor repairs will help extend the life of your current roof.

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